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Noségo: "Died a Few Times to Live this Once"
Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2018
SCOPE Miami Beach 2018
Alex Eckman-Lawn: "Recessive"
Seth Clark: "Fragmentation"
Hunter Stabler & PJ Linden (Wonderpuss Octupus): “Featured Collections”
Hilary White: "Seeing Impossible Color"
Danielle Clough + Suzanna Scott + Andrea Farina: "Still Talking About It"
Lauren Rinaldi: "Still Standing"
Market Art + Design
“Natural Growth” guest curation of Art Star Gallery + Boutique
Community Arts Project Exhibition
Dennis McNett & Alex Yanes: "Good Medicine"
Gosia: "Beneath the Surface"
Emily Smith: "Messy Women"
Drew Leshko: "Sacred Lands"
Art on Paper NY 2018
Katherine Fraser: "Far From The Tree"
"Deemed a Canvas" co-curated by Ginger Rudolph
Littletopia at LA Art Show 2018

SCOPE Miami Beach
Caitlin McCormack: Lazarus Taxa
Luke O'Sullivan: Rise and Shine
Alex Eckman-Lawn & Jason Chen: Asynchronist
Jedediah Morfit: The Look / The Seen 
Darla Jackson: ... a slow death ... 
Stitched: Part II
Kelly Kozma: POINT 5
Scott Albrecht: Lessons in Perspective
Adam Wallacavage & Jim Houser: And Yet Not Yet
Stitched: Part I
Seth Clark: 2017 Collection
Art on Paper NY 2017
Community Arts Project Exhibition
"From the Pages"
Littletopia at LA Art Show

"It's the Little Things"

Nicomi Nix Turner: "Writhing and Withering"

Andrew Pinkham: "Theater of the Mind"

Katherine Fraser: "Believers"
Kelly Kozma + Charles Clary + Ryan Beck: "Burst!"
"Direction/Instruction" guest curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken
Emily Smith: "When a Man Decides to Hurt You"
"HAHAxParadigm Class Reunion II"
Isaiah Zagar: "77"
Drew Leshko: "Home is Where You Park It"
"Waning Worlds"
Art on Paper NY 2016
Community Arts Project: Paradigm Gallery Celebrates 6 Years

No More Guns and Drugs
Developing Decay
Paradigm Opens: February 2010