Current Exhibition(s)
Seth Clark: 2017 Collection
Stitched: Part I

(Full upcoming lineup here: https://www.paradigmarts.org/pages/2017)


Art on Paper NY 2017
Community Arts Project Exhibition
"From the Pages"
Littletopia at LA Art Show

"It's the Little Things"

Nicomi Nix Turner: "Writhing and Withering"

Andrew Pinkham: "Theater of the Mind"

Katherine Fraser: "Believers"
Kelly Kozma + Charles Clary + Ryan Beck: "Burst!"
"Direction/Instruction" guest curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken
Emily Smith: "When a Man Decides to Hurt You"
"HAHAxParadigm Class Reunion II"
Isaiah Zagar: "77"
Drew Leshko: "Home is Where You Park It"
"Waning Worlds"
Art on Paper NY 2016
Community Arts Project: Paradigm Gallery Celebrates 6 Years

Robert Kraiza: "Covendom"
Paul Romano: "Interim"
Jesse Shaw + Katie VanVliet + Chad Lassin: Spotlight on Printmakers
SCOPE Miami Beach 2015
Jason Chen: "Fragments"
Sara McCorriston: "Finally, Hopefully"
Caitlin McCormack: "Mnemosyne"
Abby Elizabeth: "Subsidized Starvation"
Kid Hazo + Joe Boruchow: "INTERSECTIONS"
Hilary White + Hannah Stouffer: "Ingress Egress"
Luke O'Sullivan: "Cool Shelter"
Kelly Kozma: "Confetti Crackle Pop"
Kelly Franklin + Carol Jarvis: "Poor Richard"
Sarah Louise Davey: "The Garden of No Distant Place"
Nicomi Nix Turner: "No God for a Wanderer"
Erin M. Riley + Jason Andrew Turner + Amze Emmons + Alex Eckman-Lawn: "Scenic Route"
Community Arts Project Exhibition & Five Year Anniversary Celebration
HAHAxPARADIGM: Class of 2013-14 Reunion
Nick Pedersen: "Ultima Series"

Katherine Fraser: "The Long Way Home"
HAHAxParadigm Projects: My Dog Sighs
Caitlin T. McCormack: "INTERHAVEN"
Sarah Bereza + Fall on Your Sword: "The Garden of Alternate Histories"
Drew Leshko + Tracy Levesque: "What Remains"
Lauren Rinaldi: "At Arm's Length"
Kelly Kozma: "Chattersphere"
Cornbread + Isaiah Zagar + Joe Boruchow + Ishknits + Kid Hazo + Streets Dept: "I Am Here"
Community Arts Project benefit + exhibition
Kyle Fisher: "Bloom"
Ryan Beck + Jason Andrew Turner: "LOST TIME"

Phantom Hand Presents: Two Years of Villainy
Joe Boruchow + Erin M. Riley: "IN & OUT"
Patrick Blake + Stefanie Fuoco: "Echoes"
Hilary White: "The Endless One"
A Story of Tokyo Fashion
Breakin' with Light
Community Arts Project benefit + exhibition
Dietrich Meyer: "Behind Every Cynic is a Disappointed Idealist"
Mackenzie Pikaart: "Connections with Strangers"

Caitlin T. McCormack + Jason Chen: "As We Vanish"
Ladylike An All-Female Exhibition
A Little Bit of Everything
Kay Healy: "Starter Home"
Nosego: "Next Week's Adventure II"
Nosego: "Next Week's Adventure"
Lindsay Gilbert: "The Spaces in Between"
Adam Smith: "Good Grief"
John Luna: "Decoherence"
Confidence Is Not a Four-Letter Word
Dirt is Dirt

Kelly Kozma: "Let Go, Control, Repeat"
Art et Joie
Dead and Dreaming: a Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft
Abby Elizabeth: "Play"
Daniel Fishel + John F. Malta: "Shut the Door"
Paradigm's Handmade Market
Jason Chen: "Parasomnia"
Sara McCorriston: "Remember to Breathe"
OTIS Imaging Lab Exhibition
Autumn Society: "The Age of Reptiles"
Olivia Menta: "Found"
Lauren Rinaldi: "Accidental Masterpiece"

Thomas Bugaj: "Sub Divo"
Dutch Umbrella Project
Fred Suji: "IDEOLIX"
Brad Haubrich: "The Century Plant"
Woah 3D !!
No More Guns and Drugs
Developing Decay
Nosego: "A Normal Ridiculous 2"
Nosego: "A Normal Ridiculous"
Paradigm Opens: February 2010