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Gardening Above

Posted on December 29 2022

Still Life Crew: "Gardening Above"
A collaborative exhibition between Mando Marie and Hyland Mather
January 27, 2023 - February 19, 2023



To kick off 2023 at Paradigm, Still Life Crew returns with their second exhibition as a duo at Paradigm. The artists behind the joint "Gardening Above" collection, Mando Marie and Hyland Mather, are bringing their collaborative work to a new level in this exhibition through a seamless creative process. The two have discovered new methods of formation through layering processes that have the feeling of tagging in a teammate in a competition or marathon, so in sync, but with each artist's contributions and special skills holding their own through the details of the individual pieces. Rather than the previous side by side solo work collection previously shown on the gallery's walls, each artist poured their hearts and vision onto the same surface for this exciting next step in the Still Life Crew's growing and impactful oeuvre.

Mando Marie primarily uses stencil and mixed-media collage to create paintings that tether the viewer to a feeling of haunting nostalgia. Straddling a line between comforting and spooky, innocence and adulthood, life and spirit, her works find a real power in opposites and duality, evidenced in this series with several examples of her hallmark use of twin and mirrored imagery.

Hyland Mather’s abstract and often geometric painting style, along with his assemblage working technique are both featured in this series. As is his way, the assemblage work features abandoned, discarded, or 'lost objects' that have been rediscovered and made new again while maintaining an artifact-like status. In Hyland’s own words, “some lost stuff gets found again”.

About Mando Marie | An American painter and Stencilist, Amanda Marie has been splitting time, living and painting in Amsterdam and Portugal . She attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) and has exhibited extensively in the US and Europe.
She creates small works on paper and larger works on canvas for indoor exhibition. She also paints large scale murals primarily in outdoor urban, or garden settings. Her use of nostalgic storybook-like imagery is an invitation for viewing allegorical and highly painterly compositions . Signature in her very graphic work is the use of children and young adults as imagery tools to deliver clever, often subtle messages that can straddle a line between comforting and spooky. Other signature and recognizable traits in her work are the common use of ‘twin imagery’ and the consistent use of vintage sewing patterns as backgrounds to inform the compositions of her paintings.

About Hyland Mather | "I make stuff from junk. I pick up messes and try to make them into something I think looks good. i use the junk from the city, I use the stuff from the field, i use the bits in the forest, and the things in the trash. I hunt, collect, and gather, but only what I need for the work, for the play. color, shape, composition. Some lost stuff gets found again."
Hyland Mather is an American assemblage artist and abstract painter, who grew up in Alaska and lives and works now, like Mando, between Amsterdam and Portugal. Best known for his use of found materials, Mather collects discarded objects and reassembles them to help them regain purpose. Mather has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and public spaces around the world. Accompanying his studio practice, Mather creates murals and urban art installations in various cities primarily in the United States & Europe.

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