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Kelly Kozma: Rerouting

Posted on May 24 2021

Kelly Kozma: Rerouting
A Solo Exhibition of Mixed Media, Installation, and Fiber Works

May 28 – June 20, 2021

Kelly Kozma

Friday, May 28, 2021 • 5:30 PM EDT
Virtual Opening and Live Artist Q&A
Recording now available

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Paradigm Gallery is pleased to present Rerouting, a solo exhibition of mixed media, installation, and fiber works by artist Kelly Kozma. The never before seen series chronicles her journey of processing grief and trauma through her art, and emerging into a place of genuine joy. Featuring over 80 small and larger works, as well as a playful immersive installation, Rerouting is an exploration of emotion and personal healing. This marks Kozma’s fifth show with Paradigm Gallery. Rerouting will be on view* from May 28 – June 20, 2021.

Kozma’s vibrant and playful hand-embroidered art began as a mending meditative practice. Where in previous works her stitching operated as an accent, in this exhibition it takes center stage. Through the repetitive and time-consuming act of French knotting, the artist covered entire surfaces with soft swaths of thread, creating compositions that are both abundant and restorative; each often taking a month or more to embroider. Through this patient process she metaphorically filled in the empty spaces left from her personal losses.

Rerouting is named for the disorientation and fear of being thrown off course, as well as the potential to find a new and fulfilling path after a dramatic and unexpected change. From thousands of circles sewn together to heart-shaped locket necklaces filled with thread snippets saved from prior work, each piece marks the process of renewal with vivacity and humor even as it relates to more serious, somber topics.

Many of Kozma’s abstract pieces adopt relatable childhood cultural iconography like hearts, smiley faces, lightning, and bananas, as well as materials including colorful chains and sequins. The artist asks viewers to reconsider what references from their pasts mean to them now. Though the work appears jubilant, it also alludes to the facades of happiness people can put on to get through tough times, and how that appearance of joy shifts when it becomes real. Viewed together, this show stands as the beautiful culmination of the artist’s thwarted plans, proving that something worthwhile and whimsical can rise out of great loss.

*“Rerouting” will be open for regular weekend hours with limited capacity and is available to view by private appointment during the week. The digital exhibition twin is available on for viewing from home.

Paradigm Gallery’s number one priority is the safety and wellness of their visitors. For live updates on the exhibition and appointments, please visit the Paradigm website and socials. For any questions on Paradigm’s current policies, please email

About Kelly Kozma
Kelly Kozma is a mixed media and fiber artist who uses the meditative process of hand embroidery as a therapeutic way of healing. Kozma is represented by Paradigm Gallery + Studio and has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Philadelphia, as well as in art fairs during Armory Week and Art Basel in Miami. Her work has been featured on catalog covers, in international art and travel magazines such as Afar & Create Magazine, as well as many online publications. Her work has been purchased for many permanent collections including at Temple University and Capital One. She has a detached studio at her home just outside of Philadelphia and enjoys the fact that her four year old son can create his own masterpieces alongside her while she works.

About Paradigm Gallery
Paradigm Gallery + Studio® was established in 2010 by co-founders and curators, Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston. The gallery exhibits meaningful, process-intense contemporary artwork from around the world. Now open 11 years, Paradigm Gallery is globally recognized and known as a tastemaker within their greater Philadelphia arts community. As the gallery grows, it maintains its original mission to keep art accessible. Through monthly donations, free public art installations, and initiatives like Insider Picks, Paradigm Gallery continues to be a champion of small businesses and emerging and mid-career artists.

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