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Kelly Kozma

Kelly Kozma at ParadigmMy work is extremely process driven. There are elements based on probability and chance, as well as ones that incorporate exceedingly planned out details. Often I use dice as a way of determining which colors to use, while other times I will draw a thousand tiny bricks by hand. Combining these methods creates an organic rhythm that could not exist if I were making all of the choices solely on my own accord.

Within this framework, I create brightly colored, pattern driven imagery of abstracted worlds. The geometric and geographical forms being used are often reminiscent of this earth but seemingly exist elsewhere. I combine techniques of hand embroidery, drawing and painting, which breathes a contemporary life into traditional craft. With each meticulous stitch an intimacy generates between the work and myself and an excitement builds as a flat sheet of paper transforms into a textile-based piece.

This body of work is about finding a balance between my artist’s hand and that, which is left up to chance. It embodies the notion of knowing when to give up control and when to exude it completely.

-Kelly Kozma

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