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Posted on May 11 2019

Curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken Gallery
Exhibition Dates: May 24th - June 22nd
Opening Reception: Friday, May 24th • 5:30pm - 10:00pm




We are pleased to announce three years later the return of Direction/Instruction– a traveling group exhibition showcasing an international group of artists who are focused on challenging uses of Geometry, Color, Composition, Text, Form and Ad Hoc materials. Curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken Gallery
“Direction/Instruction” features artwork from:
Alexey Luka
Anna Taratiel (aka ‘OVNI’)
Brittany Gould
Chad Hasegawa
Cody Hudson
Graphic Surgery
Guido “108” Bisagni
Heather Day
Jeroen Erosie
Lennard Schuurmans
Liam Snootle
Mary Iverson
Ramón Bonilla
Rich Jacobs
Rubin 415
Scott Albrecht

Not necessarily intended as a reaction to illustrative, narrative, and representational art forms, but at the same time…definitely. Most of the artists featured are active in the urban realm and bent in new directions of creating form when using the street as a venue for their work.

Exhibition Hours
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays • 12:00pm – 6:00pm
And 7 days a week by appointment:

Paradigm Gallery + Studio / 746 S. 4th Street, 1st Floor / Philadelphia, PA 19147

Social Media
Instagram: @ParadigmGS
Twitter: @ParadigmGS

Please contact for press inquires or if you would like to receive the digital collector preview for this exhibition.

Andenken, Paradigm


ALEXEY LUKA is a Russian artist currently based in Moscow. With a background in architecture studies, Alexey Luka developed a unique and recognizable style, based on the use of abstract geometric shapes and chromatic variations. Perfectly comfortable with different techniques, spray paints, acrylic paints, sculpture, and collage, Alexey Luka has been creating complex compositions in which the colors and geometric lines interact, resulting in a sort of puzzle to decipher.
Instagram: @alexeyluka

ANNA TARATIEL – AKA ‘OVNI’ is a Spanish artist currently based in Amsterdam. “Ovni” (Spanish for UFO) is accomplished large scale indoor and outdoor installation artist. Her bold use of hypnotic color combinations and layered geometry is signature.
Instagram: @annaovni

BRITTANY GOULD makes complex geometric structures from folded paper. Many of these structures incorporate light – resulting in beautiful luminous sculptural works. Gould uses light as a tool to create imaginary space and shadows as a form of transient minimalism.
Instagram: @brittagould

CHAD HASEGAWA Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised on graffiti and influenced by SF’s Mission School. Chad is recognized for his bold and colorful latex paint brush strokes in the public domain. ‘Cheaper. Bolder. Brush-able. Healthier. Drippier. Mixable. Anda a little goes a long way. But I do love a New York Fatcap.’ - Chad Hasegawa 
Instagram: @chadhasegawa

CODY HUDSON Cody Hudson is a Chicago based artist, also known for his graphic design contributions under the name Struggle Inc. His graphic work and paintings have been exhibited throughout the US, Europe and Japan including the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), V1 (Copenhagen), Hellerau Art Center (Dresden) and Andrew Rafacz (Chicago). He is also a partner in the Michelin Star rated Longman & Eagle restaurant and a founding partner in the James Beard Foundation award winning Land and Sea Dept. creative group.
Instagram: @struggle_inc

GRAPHIC SURGERY is a pair of Dutch artists, Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra, who have taken new and bold steps to present flat but complex geometries to accent urban landscapes. The work of Graphic Surgery crosses many boundaries of genre and production method – including design, video, public murals and installations. What remains signature in their practice is a complex geometric visual language and the predominantly black and white color scheme that has become their trademark.
Instagram: @graphicsurgery

GUIDO “108” BISAGNI “As the street-art boom gained momentum during the early years of the twenty first century, 108 found himself becoming increasingly dismayed by the often banal route it appeared to be taking. In contradistinction, he started to re-explore the abandoned buildings and factories in Alessandria that he had frequented during his youth. The combination of stark concrete walls and rationalist architecture he encountered there, together with the practical necessity of producing something both cheaply and quickly (a factor that had also inspired his use of adhesive stickers), led to the next stage in his artistic journey, what we might call 108’s ‘black period' (Rafael Schacter on His “World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti”)
Instagram: @108_108_108

HEATHER DAY California-based artist Heather Day makes abstract paintings that are informed by sensory interpretations bridging the thoughts between what is known and how it is felt. Shifting between traveling and working in her studio, Day creates pieces that represent both profound and mundane situations. Her encompassing murals, spacious canvas paintings and intimate drawings read like handwriting—from one side to another. 
Instagram: @heatherday

JEROEN EROSIE, better known as Erosie, is a multi-talented artist who combines the disciplines of graffiti, conceptual art, illustration and typography. Painting in his work highlights the attraction for the transformation of the urban landscape. 
The decayed textures of the walls, vandalised and renovated, are sources of inspiration. Layer after layer on the canvas, pictorial writings let us perceive the geology of the work. Successive layers with faded colours illustrate time. At distance, a geometric shape distinguishes itself from the background and signs its composition. It evokes a letter from a mysterious alphabet or perhaps a drawing of an architectural plan.' -ALICE Gallery
Instagram: @jeroen_erosie

LENNARD SCHUURMANS is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist dually interested in geometric abstraction – inspired by the backgrounds of 50s animation – and vintage signage. He uses language as a tool to convey, with a simple word or several word phrase, a powerful emotive idea in each piece. His constructivist pieces with interchangeable parts also invite play into his work. Lennard uses materials found on the street or recovered from attics as base materials for his work.
Instagram: @tattoo.lenny

LIAM SNOOTLE There is something about these rigid abstract forms floating above a doorway or plastered over somebody’s tagging that makes them even more exciting. I Love the way he plays with the context of his works; one second these shapes are making the most fascinating focal point in a display of perfect interior design, the next they are attached to cement walls in a laneway somewhere hidden, and then the next they are adorning the walls of an art gallery and looking perfectly at home - Petra Nicel
Instagram: @liamsnootle

MARY IVERSON is a painter and public artist. Her paintings explore the balance between the natural world and industrial activities, inspiring conversations about the causes and consequences of climate change. In 2015, her work was featured in Foreign Policy Magazine, Huffington Post, and The Boston Review. In August, 2015, she was the cover artist for Juxapoz Magazine. Her work is represented by galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Germany. Her most recent mural was part of the Shop Small Mural Program sponsored by American Express and curated by Juxtapoz Magazine. Mary teaches visual art at Skagit Valley College, in Mount Vernon Washington where she is a tenured faculty member.
Instagram: @themaryiverson

RAMÓN BONILLA Rather than an attempt at representation, Ramón’s simulated environments which are devoid of any concerns with identity or history, act as an after-image of our ever growing number of transient surroundings. Ramón Bonilla was born and educated in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He currently is a resident artist at Redline Gallery in Denver, Colorado.
Instagram: @ramonbnll

RICH JACOBS is an American artist and curator who currently lives and works in Oakland, CA. Jacobs has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Inspired by graffiti, psychedelic and folk art, Jacobs' raw, colorful work frequently appears on a broad range of materials such as magazines, books, CD and LP covers, footwear, apparel (such as parkas, skirts and dresses), skateboards, buildings, pillows and so on.
Instagram: @movezine

TONY "RUBIN" SJÖMAN", RUBIN 415 The son of Finnish immigrant workers in Sweden, Rubin was born and raised in the epicenter of boredom – the concrete projects of Bergsjön, Gothenburg. From this experience, he began picturing walls blossoming before his eyes – and started out on a journey that he’s still on today. Rubin’s abstract geometrical pieces are inspired by the forms of traditional wild style graffiti, but are created in earth-tone color palettes with Scandinavian clean lines – and has developed into a signature style that is internationally respected.
Instagram: @rubin415

SCOTT ALBRECHT was born in 1983 in New Brunswick, NJ, and raised in Bethlehem Township, NJ. In 2003, he received a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Albrecht is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and a member of The Gowanus Studio Space. His work incorporates elements of woodworking, hand-drawn typography and geometric collage using vintage printed ephemera and found objects.
Instagram: @scottyfivealive