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Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks is a New York based stencil artist and photographer, known for his photorealistic multi-layered stencil paintings and murals. With an old master’s approach to light, Hicks’ paintings are dimensional explorations that seek to find the soul of architectural scenes around the world. His murals can be found in prominent places such as Baltimore’s Camden Yards and Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. He is most known for “Story of my Life”, his 2016 piece for the famed Bowery Wall, and for painting the world’s largest stencil mural, which used 19,000 square feet of stencils, in New York City’s East Harlem. 

Hicks’ photograph continue to examine his fascination with desolation in dense urban areas. He has shown his photographs in galleries in New York, Paris, Miami and Brussels. Still New York is the first publication of Hicks’ photographs