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Space 1026

Founded in 1997 at 1026 Arch Street in Philadelphia's Chinatown, Space 1026 is headquarters for a network of artists who want to do it their own way, together. Their new home at 844 North Broad Street hosts a gallery for exhibitions and performances, member studios, print facilities, a woodshop, and a garden.

Space 1026 is constantly evolving. Member artists are united in their shared enthusiasm for creating art and taking giant leaps of faith. With 20 current members and a long list of alumni, the collective is defined by its member artists. And their friends. And the people who visit the gallery exhibitions. And the people who remember to buy more hand soap for the bathrooms. And the people who come to the events, workshops, and music shows.

Artist members of Space 1026 exhibit their art individually and work collaboratively to create installations. Most recently Space 1026 has shown at Vox Populi Gallery; exhibited twice at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; and the DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn. In 2010 they created an installation at The Print Center in Philadelphia.