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Shakira Hunt

Shakira Hunt is a practicing photographer and designer based in Wilmington, DE. Shakira graduated from Moore College of Art & Design, where she earned a BFA in Interior Design. Shakira’s design career kicked off with a year-long internship in Philadelphia, which led her to her first design role in Wilmington. Though her design experience contributed to who she is at the core, expanding her understanding of culture, human connection, and how this all relates to creating space and experiences, Shakira later explored all of this through the lens of a new medium, photography.

Shakira’s background in design, influences and draws inspiration from the exploration of new cities, places, nature, textures, and colors that connect her with fellow creatives and communities. Hunt enjoys engaging with local artists and creative entities to thrive, build, and connect, with an emphasis on creating economic sustainability throughout the black entrepreneurial landscape of Wilmington.