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Ryan Beck

Ryan Beck works in an abstract style that aims to link contemporary art sensibility with the studied traditions of fine art. The colorful forms and vibrant hues are representative of the energy that he gets from creating these works and the overlaid, linear forms work to reflect attempts at reigning in that unbridled excitement. More recently, his focus has become geared towards the actual process of creating and he set out to make the work a reflection of the many, varied stages that go into the creation of a single piece. Beck’s focus on process intends to draw the viewer in by clearly showing the marksmanship, brush strokes and human touch of each piece while simultaneously making the actual steps of the creation process ambiguous. He aims to create works that are appealing and inviting while also allowing the viewer to question the process through which each piece came to be. Beck is interested in his work being a reflection of the shared human experience of sorting through layers of meaning in everyday life and the exciting challenge of determining the process through which those layers have been created and maintained. 

Ryan Beck is a Philadelphia-based artist who has exhibited in reputable galleries and spaces around the country including Space 1026, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, and Urban Outfitters World Headquarters. He has also exhibited in international art fairs, including SELECT Miami Art Basel.

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