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Raj Bunnag

Raj Bunnag is a Thai-American artist living and working in Durham, North Carolina. He received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012 with an emphasis in Printmaking and his MFA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2022. He currently is the Curator of Exhibitions at CAM Raleigh and is a Speedball Art Products
demo artist.

Bunnag’s artistic practice examines systematic racism inherent to the foundations of the US, its institutions, and its domestic/global policies, through themes in the lineage of print. His current work focuses on systemic violence that is often carried out by white communities throughout this nation’s history. The dangers of collective white rage and the purge that follows have continuously shaped this nation. In his more personal work, Bunnag is reexamining his own experiences about the ideas and baggage that come with self-identity as the son of immigrants and what it means to be a non-white body existing in white spaces. He has shown work nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards for his relief printed work.

Artwork from Motley Multiples is now available to collect below. Read the press release here.