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Nicole Nikolich, Lace in the Moon

Nicole Nikolich is the creative force and laborer of love behind Lace In The Moon. She grew up in Northern Virginia and received her BFA in Fashion from Virginia Commonwealth University before moving to Philadelphia in 2016. Despite experimenting with numerous artistic outlets throughout her life, Nicole never felt married to a medium until her hands met a crochet hook. During the particularly cold and dreary winter of 2017, Nicole taught herself how to crochet by watching YouTube tutorials nonstop. After weeks of learning, she found that crochet combined her love of texture with her love of color in a beautifully amorphic way.

As an avid street art lover who was becoming increasingly inspired by the popularity of the yarnbombing movement, Nicole began taking her creations to the street. Her first yarnbomb was a small, simple, flowery circle tied to a fence in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philly. She soon discovered a knack for grabbing attention and exploring themes that resonate with people, which led her to create larger and brighter pieces all over Philadelphia. Now, she creates mural-sized installations for clients in the U.S. and abroad. However, Nicole hasn’t strayed far from her origins as a street artist, and she’s constantly hiding new creations in the nooks and crannies of Philly and other neighboring cities.

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