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Motley Multiples

From the curator, Dennis McNett: Motley Multiples showcases the work of a diverse selection of contemporary printmakers hailing from across the US, Venezuela, and Mexico.

Printmaking as an art form has magnetic inspirational power; attracting a unique crowd united in their obsession by the intoxicating smell of an inky slab, the undeniable allure of an ornate, antiquarian printing press still operated by a hand-crank, and the seductive tactility of a freshly torn stack of handmade, deckled edge paper.

The artists selected for this exhibition are all artists that excel at their craft; artists who fully harness the collaborative and transformative potential of this community-oriented art form. This is a display of masterfully cut woodblocks, expertly drawn lithographic stones, and meticulously worked copper plates printed in exquisite and unique multiples. In this modern world of quick digital ephemera and slapdash AI, witness for yourself the rich, tactile superiority of these handcrafted works on paper.

Artwork from Motley Multiples is now available to collect below. Read the press release here.