Luke O'Sullivan

Artist Statement // My work is about the intersection of built environments and subterranean systems. I create drawings and sculptures of fantastical urban environments. Often inspired by dystopian and science fiction films, I combine recognizable architectural forms and impossible buildings to make diorama-esque works. Early Nintendo games, animations, and maps of caves helped shape my imagination and approach to drawing. The recent works in “Cool Shelter” explore the relationship between an overworld and underworld. Screen printed drawings and patterns on wood occupy the underground labyrinths with various stations, ladders, and wiring. Three-dimensional textures and two-dimensional façades blend together to create a layered industrial landscape.

Bio // Luke O’Sullivan was born in 1984 in Boston, MA. He received his MFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 and a BFA from The Art Institute of Boston in 2006. He has exhibited in solo and group shows in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, and Philadelphia. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. 

Luke O'Sullivan's work is part of the following permanent collections, as well as many additional individual collections:
• Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Print Collection
• Fidelity Investments, Smithfield RI, Corporate Collection
• Boston Public Library, Print Collection
• Art Institute of Boston, Print Collection
• Stock Restaurant LLC Collection

 Available artwork below

Click here to learn more about Luke O'Sullivan's recent exhibition, "Cool Shelter".

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