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Kyle Fisher

These works evaluate and challenge the process by which the observable is identified and recorded.

The iconography we gather – of wildlife, markings of physical space, the human body - and the experience of the visual world are processed differently by all, in countless and unimaginable ways. A spattered wash of pigment across parchment may resonate; for another, a line mimicking brittle, tattered fabric conjures familiarity. We form this grasp of the physicality of things uniquely and alone.

I alter representational imagery by imposing my own distinct understanding of how things feel, fold, move, tear, bloom, or decay as a means of creating dissonance. Specifically, a dissonance that occurs when multiple entries from one’s visual catalog vie for attention.

Because of this simultaneous demand for identification–for classification–archetypes are challenged, synopses reconsidered, and connections we share in our perception of the world around us are made evident.

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