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*Kendra Dandy*

Based in Philadelphia, Kendra Dandy (b.1987) is a multidisciplinary artist known for creating colorful illustrations and cheeky, smile-inducing patterns featuring a variety of whimsical characters. Using familiar icons mixed with bold colors and patterns, she creates her own unique world that commands attention. Experimentation is at the forefront of Kendra’s creative practice and she fully believes in embracing imperfections, playing with odd combinations and using recurring themes in her work such as cheetahs, makeup, tropical foliage and cocktails. Rotating between painting, printmaking and digital illustration on the iPad allows her versatility and freedom with mixing colors, ideas and forms.

Sassy. Provoking. Colorfully Radiant. Kendra Dandy’s illustrations are a social media sensation and licensed worldwide in categories that include home decor, beauty, apparel, and lifestyle. Kendra launched the Bouffants & Broken Hearts brand in 2012. Her entrepreneurial ingenuity has fueled her ability to build a global cult following. Her unique artwork continuously captures the attention of household name brands such as Anthropologie, Coach, Vans, Nike, Sephora, Estée Lauder, and Bobbi Brown.

Each original piece of artwork provokes an unexpectedly engaging conversation. Kendra’s unique patterns and media mixing are youthfully imaginative.

Her ‘Commiserating Cheetahs’ Series hung on wallpaper of her own design, are glamorous and full of angst. Champions of dubious hope. Sick of everything, but always fabulous. Relatable to honest human emotions and they invite you to express yourself as you see fit.

Kendra Dandy's newest collection is available for purchase below. Read the press release here.