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Katie VanVliet

Bio // Katie VanVliet is a sculptor and printmaker based in Philadelphia, PA. Found and collected objects are the main component of her work, as the drawn components of her prints and the physical components of her sculptures and installations. After studying at Moore College of Art & Design, she founded BYO Print as a collective studio with the mission to keep artists printing on their own time, within a reasonable budget. More than 30 printmakers have been involved with the shop over the years, with 15 current members. She studied with Shelley Thorstensen at Moore as well as at Printmakers' Open Forum in Oxford, PA. She occasionally teaches workshops about about using reclaimed objects effectively in an art practice.

In her studio, she is interested in engaging her audience in narrative. Like many artists, she has always been a collector of things. Aside from unique curiosities, she collects leftovers of routines and rituals, and incorporates them into ongoing bodies of work, most notably, the pill project. "The Only Reason I'm Still on The Pill is for the Art Project" began in 2006, when classmates started giving her empty birth control blister packs, and unused placebo pills. The pills prompted conversation, and brought together the women to share their experiences with the pill. Her current body of work, Tools, Talismans, Totems, is a collection of manipulated found objects revolving around family lore, personal stories, and special places. While the objects are specifically inspired by her own family, she hopes that the viewer is inspired to share his or her own story that the object inspires.

View Katie VanVliet's newest artwork release below.