Katherine Fraser

Katherine Fraser’s memories of being an only child growing up in rural Maine loosely thread themselves through her paintings where solitary figures comfortably inhabit sparse landscapes. Her paintings have the visceral quality of dreams - through them, she explores the ideal that feelings of isolation and loneliness may be used as a vehicle connecting us to our truest nature. Her subjects live where the rest of the world drops away and we are left bare. They display an ‘inner necessity’ to remain slightly out of reach, an allowance for which Fraser beautifully frames them in private moments that visually capture the essence of found self-awareness. This visual vocabulary expresses a universal sense of connectivity, where the depth of observation can shift a viewer inward toward a personal claim of self-reflection.

Katherine Fraser's artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States. She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and of the University of Pennsylvania. As a student she received the Thomas Eakins Painting prize, the Cecelia Beaux Portrait prize, and the William Emlen Cresson Memorial Travel Award, among others. Since graduating in 2002, she has received awards including the Lucy Glick Award and the Victor Klein Family Award. Her work has been published in Studio Visit Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Die Blumen die Frauen, The Fertile Source, New American Paintings, The Southern Review, the Best of American Oil Painting, and more. Her work may be found in many permanent and private collections nationally and abroad.


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