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Hyland Mather

the lost object // my thinking

"I make stuff from junk. I pick up messes and try to make them into something I think looks good. i use the junk from the city, I use the stuff from the field, i use the bits in the forest, and the things in the trash. I hunt, collect, and gather, but only what I need for the work, for the play. color, shape, composition. Some lost stuff gets found again."

Hyland Mather is an American assemblage artist and abstract painter, who grew up in Alaska and lives and works now, like Mando, between Amsterdam and Portugal. Best known for his use of found materials, Mather collects discarded objects and reassembles them to help them regain purpose. Mather has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and public spaces around the world. Accompanying his studio practice, Mather creates murals and urban art installations in various cities primarily in the United States & Europe.

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