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Huy Lam

Huy Lam is a multi-disciplinary artist whose current practice is obsessively focussed on sculpture. He worked as a professional photographer for over a decade, all the while developing personal projects in a variety of media. Like many artists, Huy was an aspiring painter in his youth, and drawing remains integral to his process. He fell in love with photography when he was introduced to the darkroom in high school, which lead him to the Humber College Photography Program. After graduation from Humber, Huy spent several years working as an assistant and traveled around the world honing his skills, eventually becoming a sought after agency photographer in his own right. His new passion of working with wood explores its natural, diverse, and malleable qualities, with a focus on materiality and process. Huy Lam’s sculptural work includes custom furniture, lighting, stand alone and wall sculptures.

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