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*Evan Hecox*

Colorado-based artist Evan Hecox distills the urban environment in his art, transforming the city into graphic elements in prints, drawings, and mixed-media works. With the eye of a cinematographer, Hecox begins by taking photographs; he then selects a single isolated element or scene as a stand-in for a place, carefully curating the details and figures that populate this world. While Hecox often employs strategies from the designer’s toolbox, including embellished text and flat areas of strong color, the artist’s hand is still revealed in his treatment of line and the occasional ink splatters that make their way into his work. 

Artwork from Evan's "Future Green" solo exhibition will appear below at 5:30pm EDT on Friday, May 24th.

Click here to read the press release for his current exhibition. View/Purchase artwork below.