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*Eustace Mamba*

Influenced by his West Indian heritage and Manhattan upbringing, Eustace's interdisciplinary artistic practice spans painting, sculpture, experimental design, and digital media. Through the integration of everyday objects, his recent work delves into themes of Black Subjectivity and Afro-Pessimism, challenging colonial image norms and symbolizing unity with the recurring motif of thread. Eustace sees his artistic dialogue as a scientist's exploration, unveiling new dimensions within himself and inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of contemporary society.

"Black Subjectivity and Afro-Pessimism continue to influence my art as I strive to deviate from colonial image norms. Threads connect the images, symbolizing unity and societal forces. Like a scientist, I engage in an ongoing dialogue of discovery, to uncover new dimensions within myself.” -Eustace Mamba

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