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Danielle Clough

Danielle Clough

The threads that link the ancient and the modern are an excellent starting point to describe the work of Cape Town-based artist, Danielle Clough. Danielle’s colorful, delicate embroidery celebrates the joining of the old with the new in a wistful and playful manner that is thoroughly modern in approach, yet nostalgic at heart. She utilizes a craft that is perceived as archaic but takes inspiration from current pop culture icons and the timeless beauty of nature. Her choice of materials also reflects this fascination with time and her vibrant picture-scapes are just as likely to adorn a vintage tennis racquet as they are a rusty chain link fence or a brand-new pair of Gucci sneakers.

Danielle learned the ins and outs of creative expression at The Red and Yellow School where she studied art direction and graphic design. She then began her career as an artist in the fields of visual art, digital design, and the making of bright fluffy things.

When she is not poking sharp objects into other objects Danielle enjoys expanding her artistic horizons and has hosted a show on Assembly Radio, created custom book covers, and worked as contributing photographer to several local and international publications. She has also stepped into the realm of education with online classes and real-world workshops to help aspiring embroiderers learn and appreciate the craft. Danielle spends her free time boxing and biking around Cape Town.

A lot of rather fancy people have enjoyed Danielle's work (none as fancy as you though). She has been profiled by Instagram, Colossal, CNN, Vogue, Beautiful Bizarre, Hi-Fructose, and the Creators Project, and has been published in the New York Times, Casa de Jardim, Hemslöjd, Evening Standard, Inspirations, and Homespun amongst others. Her work has caught the attention of prominent clients such as Gucci, Adobe, The African Innovation Foundation, the United Nations, Origins, Nike, Kanye West, and Drew Barrymore.

For Danielle, her creative goal is to express the best of human emotion through art, and for each and every stitch to mark the passing of time spent with love and care. If her work evokes the slightest bit of happiness in you, then her intention has been achieved, and her gratitude is intertwined with your joy in a tapestry so radiant that all the colors in the galaxy could not do it justice. Sew far sew good.

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Danielle Clough's newest collection is available for purchase below. Read the press release for Lone Splendor here.