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*Caff Adeus*

Caff Adeus is a self-taught painter, mixed-media artist, and photographer currently focused on creating paintings from an autobiographical point of view that defies norms, stereotypes, and monolithic rhetoric by using a blend of cultural references and iconography.

"My work boldly states what a lot of artists wouldn’t dare express openly. This unapologetic approach incorporates a mixture of iconography, abstraction, figuration, and ubiquitous symbols to express my experiences, and attempt to reconfigure ideology in regards to racial disparities, social norms, and a tragic history that is often blurred. In my work there's vulnerability and apprehension, urgency and calm, purpose and purposelessness, disillusionment and enthusiasm, seriousness and irreverence, optimism and nihilism. These dichotomies are explored using photography, reconstructed objects, sculptures, and paintings. Aesthetically, my paintings symbolize commonality, and echo the tone of the grittiness of the city I call home. Layers of acrylics, buttery oils, spray paint, and colorful pastels add playful, finely detailed antagonistic critiques about the world around me, while offering viewers a glimpse of who I am." -Caff Adeus

Caff Adeus's newest collection is available for purchase below. Read the press release here.