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Anna Tas

Anna Tas is a British born artist, who currently lives in Philadelphia, where she graduated with honours from the University of the Arts. Anna’s work has been described as rather ambiguous and conceptual, allowing the audience to interpret what they see in their own way, as well as stimulating discussion about how we see and how images persist in our minds. “I always feel rather uncomfortable talking directly about my work – not necessarily because I’m worried what people will think of me, but rather more that I enjoy the dialogue that comes from a viewer who is seeing the work from their point of view, rather than mine, someone who has no preconceived idea of what it is that I am trying to talk about […] I have no answers, no judgment, just questions. I am drawn to looking at why we think what we think, how we develop and learn to decode what we see and assign certain values (for want of a better word) without being really conscious that this is what we do. I am part of something, yet also apart from it – observing, watching, questioning, and wondering. Why? What? How?”