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Akira Gordon

Akira Gordon, a Philadelphia-born painter and recent graduate of the University of the Arts, is a captivating artist driven by a passion for contemporary art and self-portraiture. Inspired by Kerry James Marshall and Sasha Gordon, she skillfully integrates her black experiences into her work, placing figures within evocative environments. In her current artistic endeavors, Akira Gordon delves deep into the realm of narrative storytelling, employing her figures as conduits to convey compelling tales. Her unique artistic voice is amplified by a rich and saturated color palette, imbuing her paintings with a mesmerizing vibrancy that captivates viewers and invites them into her narrative world. As a fellow of the 2023 Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists, Akira Gordon joins a cohort of distinguished creators, enriching her practice and contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of Philadelphia. With accolades such as exhibitions at renowned venues like Icebox Project Space and Rittenhouse Fine Art Show, she aims to attend global residencies and achieve gallery representation, leaving a lasting impression on the art world.

Akira hopes to give black people images that they can relate to in some way without making an overt political statement; instead, showing figures in leisure, doing the mundane and the ordinary. She finds the most authentic way to do this is through self-portraiture and referencing her experiences. She uses herself as a reference for her paintings because she believes examining your own life is important.

Her artworks delve into the complex emotions associated with her struggle to transition into adulthood while clinging to the familiarity of "childish" things. It's an introspective journey, an attempt to reconcile the inevitability of growing up with the desire to preserve the youthful spirit that continues to reside within her.

Akira Gordon's newest collection is available for purchase below. Read the press release here.