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Echoes: Works by Stefanie Fuoco and Patrick Blake

Posted on July 19 2013

Paradigm Gallery + Studio presents new works from artists Stefanie Fuoco and Patrick Blake in this exciting collaboration. Ranging from fiber arts to illustration, "Echoes" explores artistic process as it travels from the mind to the final visual representations.

The intricacies in both Fuoco's weavings and Blake's illustrations compliment one another, starting with the origins of the artists' inspiration all the way to each skillfully and patiently completed work of art. You can feel the therapeutic qualities experienced through the creation of the works, rather than any hint of the work ever feeling tedious to complete. Each thread and line has its own purpose, gracefully thought through by each artist. One can clearly see the breath of life and hear the sounds of theworks resonating far past the surface, sending their soft echoes out to each observer.

This technique of weaving allows me to give textiles the sculptural dimension I am naturally drawn too. I look at my weavings as quick sketches, vignettes of that moment. They allowme to live out that one emotion and move on to the next.          -Stefanie Fuoco


Though I work in many different mediums, drawing stands out as a true artistic outlet for me. Like a stream of consciousness, my lines flow freely during my drawing sessions. There is less of a plan or a required outcome when I put the instrument to the paper, and it allows my moods, emotions, and internal conversations to all factor into the final outcome of a single drawing. Thoughts that comein and out of focus, as if artifacts undera microscope, appear as ranges of soft and solid shapes on the page. The result ends up being very personal, and invites conversation with observers, each line asking to be closely examined so it may reveal its unique qualities through the story it has to tell.          -Patrick Blake
Opening Night Photos: