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Sub Divo: Thomas Bugaj

Posted on December 10 2010

This body of work is a reflection on religious architecture and a response to its transcendental qualities. While the featured buildings were designed to inspire a spiritual experience within the visitor, my intention is to emphasize such an experience through the architectural forms. The arches echoing through vast space, the domes floating in the heavens, the refracted glow of colored light bathing everything. This work combines traditional and experimental practices of photography, yet it discards any realism inherent in traditional photography. This is antiquity reexamined through new eyes: Lights from different eras converge in one space, and when seen from the right angle, their colors form a collage of time. About the Creation of the Work: Tom's work is born in the color darkroom. Each image is the product of several found slides, some of which are sandwiched for a single exposure, others added in separate exposures. An individual exposure can take as long as 30 minutes, meaning each of the finished images represents a major investment of time.


Exhibition Photos: