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Dirt is Dirt: An Exhibition Curated by Kevin McWilliams and Dan Haddigan

Posted on December 31 2011

Exhibition Dates: December 31st – January 21st

Reception with the Artists: Friday, January 13th • 6-10pm presents Dirt is Dirt, the first curated exhibition from the creators of the online art magazine. Featuring 15 artists who have been or will be featured in the online publication, the site's founders capture the aesthetic of the submissions-based online magazine in a gallery produces interviews and monthly features on chosen artists, articles and reviews, as well as hosts online portfolios.

About the site:
Dirt is Dirt is a web-based art magazine curated by Kevin McWilliams and Dan Haddigan, based in Philadelphia. We accept submissions from anyone all over the world, then profile our favorite submissions in a bright, clear, frequently updated format. Although anyone can submit work, we like to focus on premium talent that hasn't yet received the attention it's deserved. The work that we accept includes a range of disciplines, such as two-dimensional and three dimensional artwork, photos, video, articles, interviews, fiction and reviews.


Exhibition Photos: