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The Jaunt

Vhils - Petra, Jordan


silkscreen print on Keaykolour Original China White paper and hand finished with bleach and acid

edition of 300, signed and numbered by the artist, unframed

Destination: Petra, Jordan

Date: 10-14 October, 2022

Jaunt #093

approx. 27.5"h x 19.75"w, 70cm x 50cm

The ancient city of Petra, lies in the south of Jordan, and has a rich history. Voted in 2007, as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ it is a sight to behold. The carved out and intricate architecture is unmatched. And with its rich history it has meant so much to so many people. But perhaps no more than the Bedouin people, the nomadic tribes who have called Petra and its surrounding their home for centuries.

The Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils has developed a unique visual language based on the removal of the surface layers of walls and other media with non-conventional tools and techniques. With his work he is establishing symbolic reflections on identity, the relationship of interdependence between people and the surrounding environment, and life in contemporary urban societies, as well as the impact of development, the passage of time, and material transformation.