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Root Quarterly Magazine

RQ Vol. 5 // Issue 1 // GAMES


Why do we play games? Who makes the rules? Explorations about what it means to play, and be played.

INSIDE: Heather Shayne Blakeslee on the unreal getting real and a faceoff between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk //  Diana Lu on judging food contests // Recommendations for games around Philly and a shout out to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire // Poetry Editor Joshua Mehigan busts out G.K. Chesterton and his good-natured ribbing of fellow poets in ‘Variations on an Air’ // A profile of photographer Bruce Katsiff and his Nature Morte series // Ideas Editor Walter Foley explores art, agency, and improv, and encourages us to ‘Play Stupid Games’ // A Q&A with artist Anuj Shrestha on his ‘Both/And’ series // Contributor Brian Leaf on how video games influenced his sense of self, with art by Nikki Painter // The Delaware Contemporary  gives us access to an inner circle of artists during their summer show, including Rosalyn Richards in their ‘Radius’ exhibits // A tribute to Op Art painter Edna Andrade’s summer games and and comic quilts // Angel Eduardo on a long-ago game of Spin the Bottle, with illustrations by Christopher Spencer // Lauren Earline Leonard asks if the PA Game Commission will consider reintroducing the Nittany Lion // Cover art by Tom Judd