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Root Quarterly Magazine

RQ Vol. 4 // Issue 3 // SALT & SPECTERS


Memory and the many aspects of salt and sodium—from spells to salt floats and beyond—give you a brackish mix of paintings, jazz, landscape, fission, fusion, and lost friendship.

INSIDE: An Opening Salvo on connecting our nuclear past and future // Some salty recommendations: Afrofuturism from Toni Cade Bambara; floating naked in the dark at Halcyon Floats, spell-casting from witch and independent bookstore owner, Christina Rosso // Diana Lu invites you to an umami party to celebrate the evolution of monosodium glutamate // Exorcizing the ghosts of a Brutalist (architectural) past at Philadelphia’s Roundhouse // Cultural fusion through the lens of Cuban jazz musician Elio Villafranca by Idli Tillman // Toby Jaffe on memory and the climate crisis // Spectrism, critical acumen, and intellectual hubris from poetry editor Joshua Mehigan // Nuclear engineer Jerome Blakeslee, Jr. on the powers and perils of the periodic table with art about the great Salt Lake from Leslie Billhymer // Alex Grimley on time, place, and memory in the colorful landscapes of artist Saskia Fleishman // Franklin Einspruch on Modigliani and the virtues of “appreciative looking” // Courtney Hunter-Stangler on the fire and flameout of friendship in Centralia with photos by Hunter-Stangler and Jeremy Blakeslee //