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The Jaunt

Olimpia Zagnoli - Tromsø, Norway - Second Edition


Silkscreen print, edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist, unframed

Destination: Tromsø, Norway

Date: 22 - 25 February, 2018

Jaunt #042 Second Edition

approx. 25.5"h x 17.50"w, 64.5cm x 44.5cm


“The one thing that made the absolute most impression on me was the light. I have never been so far up north before so it was my first time experiencing that kind of low honey light that makes everything feel calm and warm despite the freezing weather. I also had the chance to see a little bit of Aurora Borealis and there again, light manifested itself in such an unexpected magical way and to see it reflecting on the snow was a psychedelic sweet moment. Other than that, I definitely didn’t expect to dance to the Ramones in a punk rock bar with gloves on my first night there.

When I saw Tromsø from the plane the sun was setting, you could see a slice of the moon and the snow created beautiful soft curves on the horizon. On top of the many lakes in the area, there were pieces of ice that reminded me of Jean Arp’s work. All around little triangular wooden houses with lit windows would pop here and there. It was a beautiful sight. Another one-of-a-kind vision was the one I had the night we went in search of the northern lights. Hannah, our guide, drove us to a remote place in the woods next to a beautiful frozen lake and there we sat around a fire for hours waiting for something to happen. After a couple of hours, the sky became alive and an incredible fluorescent wave started moving sinuously above our heads. The lake reflected this unusual show and the tiny boat on it seemed to be floating on a tv screen. It looked like a dream.”

-Olimpia Zagnoli