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The Jaunt

Mike Perry - Catskills, NY, USA


Silkscreen print, edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist, unframed

Destination: Catskills, New York, USA

Date: 26 - 30 April, 2018

Jaunt #044

approx. 27.5"h x 19.75"w, 70cm x 50cm


“On my first trip I almost died! I stepped out into the street looking in the wrong direction as a bus was bearing down on me. They had to slam on the brakes, tossing most of the passengers onboard in a  violent-cartoonish way. The driver yelled at me with an exasperated  voracity – his adrenalin was raging as was mine! It was one hell of a highlight.

Now, three years later, I’ve been so busy in the studio that I was really looking forward to having a peaceful break. When I am deep into the work I always forget that I need headspace. Getting into the car and driving away from New York loosens the mind and  allows me the opportunity to explore ideas that have either been floating around waiting to get out or allows for new ideas to form. Mens  sana in corpore sano.

I brought pens, watercolor, plenty of  paper, Bass the dog, and most of my kitchen to cook with! While on my trip in the Catskills I spent a lot of time thinking about “time.” So while on a walk through the woods the image of an hourglass discarded in nature popped into my head.”

-Mike Perry