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The Jaunt

Madi - Rome, Italy


Silkscreen print, edition of 50, signed and numbered by artist, unframed

Destination: Rome, Italy

Date: 19 - 23 June, 2023

Jaunt #096

27.5"h x 19.75"w

"I was really looking forward to experiment during my five days in Rome, as I already knew it was going to be a very inspirational time. I was excited to have the opportunity to spend all day walking around and then later in the day see what’s going to happen on paper. It’s very different from any other trip I have done, because my main focus was on becoming inspired. I’m naturally curious and I love being in this state of contemplation, but the fact that on this trip it was the main purpose was an amazing feeling, as if I was free from any guilt. It’s really rare to be completely conscious of this process and I felt extremely lucky to do that for a whole week. I enjoyed making plans for the day, and then not sticking to the plans. For example I would be determined to see some building or museum, but I would find something interesting on the way and I would change the entire plan for the day and go after the interesting thing I found. 

The range of colors in the city of Rome was something that really resonated with me and my work. Yellow ochre, red brown. All of these beautiful natural tones were spread around the city, along with the smells of good pizza. Needless to say, the architecture of the buildings in Rome is stunning. On one day I took some time to visit Vatican City and enjoy all of its beauty from both inside the buildings but also outside on the street, walking around here felt like a pause, and made me feel the weight of time. Visiting the Villa Médicis was the highlight of my trip, as an artist this name has a sensitive place in my heart. I’m so admirative of this space, considering its history and its purpose today. 

While I’m traveling I always enjoy going into art stores and being local materials, and in Rome I was able to buy some collared pencils and a sketchbook with Italian paper. I was able to use these materials a lot, drawing different elements I had come across at the end of every day. Once I was back into my studio, the first thing I did was to paint a large painting using a lot of the different elements that I had drawn in my new sketchbook. For example a bottle of Campari, inspired by the nightlife of Rome, and a bird, inspired by the fresco at the Vatican. This painting was the starting point for my new print, and it showcases all of my experiences during this magical week in Rome." 

- Madi