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The Jaunt

Jason Woodside - Taranaki, New Zealand (Flora)


Silkscreen print, edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist, unframed

Destination: Taranaki, New Zealand

Date: 3 - 8 February, 2021

Jaunt #070 (Flora color variant)

approx. 27.5"h x 19.75"w, 70cm x 50cm

"I’ve been living in New Zealand for about a year now. It embodies such a good foundation for creativity, core values like family, nature and surfing. All quite important to me in regards to  inspiration and getting in a positive head space. I’ve always wanted to go to Taranaki. I was looking forward to jumping in the water, exploring some of the volcano trails and getting some waves. It’s quite a legendary spot in regards to New Zealand surf culture so I was excited to check it out.  

To little surprise, it was the volcano which made the most impression on me during my trip. I didn’t realise how majestic and vertical the mountain was, and how close it was to these cool coastal towns in the region. It was almost like the volcano fed the good energy to the culture as I felt like they were all based on the beauty of this quiet giant. By doing a full loop around the volcano, I feel like every angle was different and this really helped gauge different aspects of light and terrain which was what I was most interested in. There are so many elements in regards to proximity of the coast and quickly changing weather conditions that sometimes it didn’t feel like the same volcano. With these changes, came different tones, sometimes even opposite from one side to the other. 

Inspired by my experiences I have created my interpretation of the volcano itself. I was hoping to embody the many different surfaces and color changes it goes through over the course of a day. There is some depth involved and this serves as my translation of scale and perspective as I made my trip around this beauty." 

-Jason Woodside