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The Jaunt

Bilos - Munich, Germany


Silkscreen print, edition of 50, signed and numbered by artist, unframed

Destination: Munich, Germany

Date: 24 - 28 June, 2022

Jaunt #084

approx. 27.5"h x 19.75"w

"Before getting to Munich I reached out to some artists living in the region, including the artist Daniel Man (Codeak). Back in 2002, Daniel was part of a project in Greece for which he painted large murals through the country, including my hometown Patras. Watching Daniel work as he painted this huge mural gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation for life to become an artist myself. Daniel welcomed me to his home and studio, where we discussed a lot about our practice, perspectives and the life/work balance. Being able to meet with Daniel again after twenty years was incredible and a unique opportunity.

In my mind the trip would have been about the city, museums, the streets, meeting people and possibly the mountain. But being open to experience a trip in a spontaneous way, like I did, was a real pleasure and I found myself enjoying the nature a lot, especially with the beautiful lakes and mountains I visited. Even though I didn't plan to go for a swim, I couldn't help myself and jumped into the lake, living in Bulgaria hasn’t given me many opportunities to swim, so jumping in a lake was a very welcome and pleasant surprise.

One of the my most cherished memory during the trip was another spontaneous decision to follow a trail up the mountain from Tegernsee to Neureuth and Gindel Alm. It was a long 1,5 hour hike and I think the last time I did something similar was about ten years ago. It was a very sunny day, with stunning views anywhere you looked. Walking up the hills and through the forest, immersing myself in nature felt like a true escape. For my artwork I wanted to capture that feeling of hiking and reaching a totally green area under a clear sky and the hot summer sun. It was one of the best moments of my trip!"