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Lori Zimmer

Art Hiding in Paris: An Illustrated Guide to the Secret Masterpieces of the City of Light


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Art is all around us, just waiting to be discovered. This is especially true in Paris, a city where artists have made their homes, looked for inspiration, and left a lasting impact for centuries. Put simply, art is hiding around every corner in Paris; one just needs to know where to look.

In ART HIDING IN PARIS: An Illustrated Guide to the Secret Masterpieces of the City of Light (Running Press; November 29, 2022), the charming follow up to Art Hiding in New York, author Lori Zimmer and illustrator Maria Krasinski have once again put their unmatched talents of urban exploration and skillful art history storytelling to paper in a new (international) metropolis – The City of Light! 

Paired with Krasinski’s stunning illustrations, Zimmer highlights more than 100 breathtaking pieces of art hiding in plain sight throughout Paris, beyond the confines of museum walls. Lounge in a public park with Pablo Picasso’s sole public work outside of Musée Picasso, grab drinks at Le Meurice and hear about the legendary antics of the hotel’s most famous and regular guest, Salvador Dalí, or hop on the Métro and discover the murals, sculptures, and other fantastic artworks that dot station stops across the city. By marking each location on an illustrated map of the city, the authors encourage readers to embark on a stimulating armchair scavenger hunt of the secret, weird, and wonderful world of Paris’ hidden masterpieces, often omitted from traditional art volumes.