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Insider Picks: Nicole Wiegand & Nicole Krecicki

This month’s guest curators are Nicole Wiegand and Nicole Krecicki, founders of South Street Art Mart, an artist-run retail shop located in the heart of Philly's South Street shopping district. With DIY roots and punk sensibility, the Art Mart is home to over 100 indie artists and makers. A portion of the proceeds from their picks will be donated to Morris Home, the first residential recovery program in the country to offer comprehensive services specifically for trans- and gender-variant individuals.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Paradigm Gallery launched a new initiative called Insider Picks, a series of guest-curated benefit virtual exhibitions. Each month, the gallery selects a fellow small business owner to curate their very own Paradigm exhibition. The guest curators will come from all backgrounds and industries and will share their unique point of view through their curatorial vision. A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of the curator’s choice, as well as to the curator’s small business, and of course, the participating artists. Insider Picks hopes to bring awareness to the Paradigm artists, small businesses and select charities who have been affected by the pandemic. We’re all in this together!

Click here to see all of our Insider Picks exhibitions. Artwork from Nicole Wiegand and Nicole Krecicki's Insider Picks will be available below starting Wednesday, August 12 at 12pm EDT.