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August's Free Art Class: The Collagraph

Posted on July 23 2016

The Collagraph, August 14th 2016, 12pm - 6pm 

CLICK HERE to RSVP and reserve your FREE ticket! 

During our next FREE Sunday afternoon workshop, learn how to create collagraphs, a unique printmaking technique that requires no previous experience!

Derived from the French word “collage,” collagraph's are three-dimensional collages made by affixing various materials such as string, masking tape, cardboard, etc., to the surface of a matrix or base, in this case, the wood block that is inked and printed.

A collagraph can be printed as an intaglio, with the ink in the recesses of the plate or it can be printed as a relief, with the ink transferring from the top surface of the plate to the paper. Embossed effects can be achieved by printing without ink. Over the years collagraphs have taken on many different forms and designs depicting the vast array of possibility inherent within such a dynamic and ever-changing medium. 

For this workshop, all supplies will be provided at the gallery. The two sessions will start on the hour at 12:00pm and 3:00pm.

All works made in this free art class stay at the gallery after the classes to be exhibited in our annual Community Arts Project Exhibition (happening this winter). Artwork will be sold starting at $20 each. 100% of funds will support future free art class programming.

"The Collagraph in Intaglio" Audrey Bastian "The Collagraph in Relief" Audrey Bastian

Audrey Bastian "The Collagraph" printed in intaglio and relief

"Gorge" John Ross"Piran II" Clare Romano

From left to right: John Ross "Gorge", Clare Romano "Piran II" 











Rolf Nesch "Elbe Bridge II" (Hamburg Bridges Series)