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Nick Pedersen's FULL Ultima Series has Arrived!

Posted on July 16 2016

Nick Pedersen's full Ultima Series is now available on Paradigm's website.  CLICK HERE to view/purchase pieces from the series.


Ultima (thule): the farthest point; the limit of any journey. the highest degree attainable.

My artwork is deeply rooted in environmentalism, showing my concern for the future by depicting the ways in which mankind’s creations have an impact on the planet. Primarily it is about the modern conflict between the manmade world and the natural world, and between contemporary and indigenous cultures. I portray this as an epic struggle and in my work these forces clash in theatrical, post-apocalyptic battlegrounds. This body of work envisions a hypothetical future called Ultima, exploring the idea that the world as we know it might not last forever, and creates a setting for what could possibly come next.

Conceptually, I am fascinated by the idea of nature reclaiming the Earth through the biological forces of deep time. My main inspiration for this direction came from seeing the incredible jungle-covered ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Being surrounded by these ancient structures of a lost kingdom that have been completely reclaimed by the natural environment was a very powerful experience. After researching literature such as The World Without Us by Alan Weisman and Collapse by Jared Diamond, I grew specifically interested in what our own cities might look like after being abandoned for thousands of years. Through my images I was inspired to create striking juxtapositions between the ruins of modern civilization and a futuristic ecological utopia. The narrative progression of the work shows a rediscovery of these remnants belonging to the conceivably forgotten past.

The title Ultima is defined as “the highest degree attainable” or “the farthest point; the limit of any journey”, and was used to refer to places that were, “beyond the borders of the known world” (1). Each of the three series is distinct in showing different regions of this unknown landscape, but in the end they all come together with each storyline revealing its deeper layers. The first part is about discovery, finding these strange relics of modern civilization and seeing them through new eyes. The second part is about interpretation, mythologizing the old world, and creating sacred places to perform spiritual rituals. Finally, the third part is about adaptation, learning how to inhabit this unfamiliar environment, and to build upon it anew.

With this work I was greatly influenced by stories about undiscovered tribes and vanished cultures like the ‘Anasazi’, which is a Navajo word for their unknown predecessors meaning ‘the Ancient Ones’. The Pueblo people discovered the ruins of these ancient cities, building on them and making them their own, and created an entire mythology about their ancestors. In Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, tribal elders reveal cultural myths about these cycles of world creation, destruction, and reemergence 2 through successive epochs. I was inspired by their continuous “spiritual migrations to the ends of the earth and back” (2) showing that every ending can also be a new beginning.

There are many historical examples of cultures reaching their peak, overusing their natural resources, collapsing and leaving behind mysterious ruins such as the Mayan temples of Central America and Easter Island’s stone statues. I wanted to take this concept and visualize it in a contemporary sense because we are facing many of the same problems as these ancient civilizations, but on a much larger scale. This body of work examines modern humanity’s role during our time on this planet and questions the legacy that we will be handing down to the next generations. Humans now have the unprecedented potential to affect the Earth to a global degree, and my images depict an extreme example of what we might be capable. With this project, my main goal is to show a glimpse into this hypothetical world and give viewers a space in which to contemplate the future of our planet.

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N I C K   P E D E R S E N

Nick Pedersen is a photographer and digital artist currently based in the Philadelphia area. He holds a BFA degree in Photography, as well as an MFA degree in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute in New York. He has shown artwork in galleries across the country and internationally, recently including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Paradigm Gallery, and Art Basel Miami. He has published two artist books featuring his long-term personal projects Sumeru and Ultima. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as After Capture, Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Empty Kingdom. In the past few years he also has completed Artist Residencies at the Banff Center in Alberta, Canada and the Gullkistan Residency in Iceland.

2011 Pratt Institute, MFA in Digital Arts - Summa Cum Laude
2005 University of Utah, BFA in Photography - Magna Cum Laude

2013 Digital Arts California - Stellar Art Award
2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Photography Finalist
2011 Empty Kingdom - Top 100 Artists Award
2011 Pratt Institute - Outstanding Achievement in Academic Excellence
2009 Calrow Memorial Scholarship 2008 Pratt Institute Merit Scholarship

2013 Gullkistan Center for Creativity - Laugarvatn, Iceland
2012 The Banff Center - Alberta, Canada
2007 Santa Fe Photography Workshops - Santa Fe, NM

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