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The Endless One: Works by Hilary White

Posted on June 08 2013

When we first opened Paradigm, we already knew that we wanted to feature Hilary White's work at the gallery someday.  The day has arrived!  We are so excited to present White's newest works, ranging from sculpture to painting to silkscreen printing to installation, which have transformed Paradigm Gallery + Studio into a visual wonderland.  The subject matter of the work is drawn from various aspects of faith, biblical text, science, and imaginings through mediums ranging from woodwork, acrylic sheetoil paint, acrylic paint, and more.

Hilary White's work in now available for purchase here.



It is usually hard for me to write a statement.  Making the work feels like everything I want to communicate.  Every cut out or painted piece a word beyond dialect or nationality, a universal visual language of sorts, and in a way that is what The Endless One is about.  Opening up on a very human level about our beliefs, our pasts, our present, where we are going, and how we can continue moving forward in a more connected and loving way.

A couple of years ago, I was getting frustrated, and began to take a lot of people and gifts in my life for granted.  I soon had a very severe physical and mental halt when I became sick, and was hospitalized for three days.  I have been struggling with chronic fatigue since.  It’s not something I really talk about.  This experience was a painful, lonely, and dark time for me when it was at its worst, and some days all I could do was lay in bed.  This is frustrating for someone who has always been so active, and had an "I can do it no matter what" attitude.  I felt helpless, and depressed.  I stopped making work not because I wanted to, but I literally felt like I couldn't.  It took me around six months to even attempt to create.  It was the drawing "The Beginning of Everything".  From there other drawings progressed, I began to heal more, and eventually make pieces again, this time with a heart of thankfulness to be making anything at all.

This show and work is based on the hope I have in Christ, to heal, to help see beyond my finite vision of life, to help me love more.  This was a light to me in very, very dark times.  The Endless One is the Spirit of God moving beyond this concept of time and space and working in ways so magnificent the mind can't even begin to imagine. 

I can't say it any other way.

Not everyone agrees with my views, and I encourage everyone to express this openly.  My hope is that all people will connect with the work visually to begin their own conversations about belief, life and death, our struggles, victories… this is what connects people…the differences.  Moving forward, I am grateful for good days, and I learn on the days I feel run down, but through this experience I have begun to see the hope of something great existing in all of creation.  This vision drives me to continue to attempt in creating moments, reminders, of a place where there is no death, pain, division, hate, a city without shadows where there is no time, The Endless One.

-Hilary White