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Studio Visit with Hilary White

Posted on July 20 2015

Hilary White is an artist of many skills from woodworking to painting to drumming and even motorcycle maintainance.  She impressively combines many of her creative skills into her art-making practice to create her unique, multilayered sculptures.  We got a sneak peek as she prepares for Ingress/Egress, which opens Friday, July 24, 2015.

I’m a maker. Making manifests in the concrete, the tangible, the “known”. Making in order to construct theories of reality stemming from science, psychedelia, and the study of theology. Making to depict an experience of reality expressed through pop culture, kitsch, and monument.

The act of making is an investigation into components of existence, the end result is a shadow, globular and stretched thin in the attempt to mimic the completeness of it’s predecessor. …and this is my starting point…the mystery of the “unmakable”…the contrast of the infinite and the finite, the spirit within the body.

The act of making for me is a study of faith, a wrestling within it’s framework. An awe developed from the history of Christ and his union of inter-dimensionality, humanity, and Spirit at work in the world. It is through making I attempt to express an eternal plane through the humble, electric, and whimsical artifact of “now”.

Using symbolism exploring Biblical text, diagrams from scientific hypothesis, and visual psychedelia produced by an influx of cultural influence seemingly aimed at searching for the “unknown” the work serves as a catalyst to further reflect upon topics of belief and wonder as intellectual and spiritual intersections between fact and faith.

Hilary White creates three dimensional works using multiple mediums. While studying painting she continued to developed her love of wood working and has incorporated it into her practice of creating painted sculpture, and installation. She has participated in art fairs including SCOPE Miami Beach and has been in over 36 exhibitions including over nine solo exhibitions and has shown her work locally and internationally in Berlin, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

Learn more about Ingress/Egress HERE

Note: Studio photos by Steven Speir