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"At Arm's Length" • Works by Lauren Rinaldi

Posted on June 27 2014

At Arm's Length: oil paintings and drawings by Lauren Rinaldi
June 27th - August 9th

Closing reception: Friday, July 25th • 5:30 - 10:00pm

Gallery hours:
Saturdays • 12-6pm and by appointment 7 days a week
(267)266-0073 •

In the age of art and digital narcissism, the concept of the discarded selfie exists – seizing control of your self-image can be orchestrated by filters, self-confidence ascertained with likes and comments. This mimed assertion of ourselves and our individuality feeds our already fragile self-esteem into disguising any real confidences into perceived vanities. Acceptance returns us to the grace of pure confidence, shored self-esteem and the ability leave a flaw unfiltered.

At Arm’s Length is where most of us keep the true estimation of ourselves. Rinaldi explores all this and takes a good look at body image, sexuality and self-identity using unbiased self-portraits that chronicle her life through the changes in her body and mental state. She explores our seemingly embraced imperfections – using layers to thinly veil what she consciously chooses to hold back – projecting an identity with the allure of control all the while revealing to the viewer the truths we unwittingly hide from ourselves. The show surprises in its’ subtly - shifting focus, from what we hide to what we show. Her series of whimsical sketches find a connection in the new language we’ve patterned off our need to flaunt the personal assessment of our bodies within the realm of our day-to-day digital landscapes.

“How you see yourself and what you choose to show the world are two completely different things,” Rinaldi says. She has indeed found complimenting mediums to observe the nature of women seeking affirmation under the guise of anonymity.

- Ginger Rudolph
for HAHA Magazine


Opening Night Photos: