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Studio Visit with Drew Leshko

Posted on February 21 2016

We had the pleasure of visiting Drew Leshko's studio while he puts the finishing touches on his highly anticipated solo exhibition Home Is Where You Park It.  Here is a sneak peek of what's to come this Friday:

A new theme grown out of Leshko's childhood experiences explores a broadening view on his examination of culture in a constant state of flux. His most recent body of work, Home Is Where You Park It, features a series of miniature camper trailers and motorhomes. The sculptural documentary-style collection highlights the underlining trend of diminishing outdoor activities and appreciations of our natural world.

My recent experiences leave me wondering if there is the same amount of interest in this lifestyle anymore.  I began to think about the RV’s that are literally rotting in lots all over our cities and countryside... the ones, sitting — rusting beyond repair at a construction site, a storage yard, or a backyard of a rural landscape — unused in a state of disrepair. 

These vehicles, wasting away, made me reflect on fading memories of my childhood spent camping in motorhomes and camper trailers, paired with recent trips revisiting some of these older and decaying campgrounds.

I’m hoping that this series brings back memories to viewers who have had similar experiences with outdoor exploration and adventures while also creating an archive of these older body-style vehicles.

Leshko’s sculptures serve as wistful affections influenced by memory and association, recording the effects of time’s passage; paper memorials that lend to our ability to see the beauty in the detail of the mundane, while embodying the sentiment that change is our only constant.

Drew Leshko's solo exhibition "Home Is Where You Park It" opens this month on Friday, February 26th. This will be the first large display of this series following a completely sold out display at our booth at SCOPE Art Show during Miami Art Basel Week 2015.

We highly recommend getting on this collector preview list if you are interested in snagging one from the series.  Email: sara(at)

Click HERE to learn more about the exhibition.