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Scenic Route: Press Release

Posted on March 27 2015

Scenic Route
March 27, 2015 - May 16, 2015 in our Front Gallery

Works by:
Alex Eckman-Lawn
Amze Emmons
Erin M Riley
and Jason Andrew Turner

An exhibition of contemporary landscape from the perspective of various mediums.

Like a good book, landscape invites willing viewers to immerse themselves in a new world and explore. They invite interactions between people and places, changing perspectives – sparking connections. We challenge our audience to dive into the art and explore this exhibition of four artists all approaching landscapes outside of the conventional categories of the picturesque.

From woven tapestries to paper collage to painted and drawn scenes that challenge and expand upon our perception of landscape, these scenes also act as personal story tellers for these artists: Erin M. Riley’s woven tales of loss in her breathtaking, yet dark, Highway Memorial series; Alex Eckman-Lawn's controlled dissections of chaotic worlds; Amze Emmon’s slightly eschewed realities; and Jason Andrew Turner's abstracted scenes that defy the specific but are undeniably landscape.

Sometimes it's easier to quickly digest an attractive design or image, click the "like" button and move on. We hope that these works, especially as they are all displayed together in the gallery, invite you to take an extra moment and allow yourself to have a real conversation with the work. See how these pieces change based on your interactions with them. Allow yourself to enjoy what you see, and discover their secrets. See how your experience relates to others and invite them to join the conversation.

Take your time. Indulge. Take the scenic route.

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Sneak peek studio visits
Erin M. Riley's studio: click here
Jason Andrew Turner's studio: click here
Alex Eckman-Lawn's studio: click here
Amze Emmons' studio: click here

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