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Sara McCorriston

Finally, Hopefully works by Sara McCorriston
November 20, 2015 - December 12, 2015

My admiration of Victorian hair art has led to an attempt at creating my own crude interpretation of it from a more personal approach.  I grew out my hair, then cut off over a foot of it a year ago to obtain my supplies for the project.

The title "Finally, Hopefully" comes from my wanting to rise above the things that constantly go wrong in my body by taking control and being optimistic, but fearing that there can never be a longterm solution.  I no longer want to feel obligated to apologize for everything, especially medical issues that make me constantly feel like an inconvenience to others for various reasons.  I no longer want to have to defend my ability to still work hard despite them.  Working hard feels great, defending my right to do so is exhausting.  I no longer want to feel held back or without control of my body.  Finally, hopefully, I want to move on.