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MECRO (Glossblack LLC)

MECRO, is the lead artist of Glossblack LLC. His focus is to experiment with graphic typography, with emphasis on large scale works of public art.

Raised in the greater Philadelphia area, MECRO is an American freight writer who began painting graffiti in the early 2000s. With over a decade of work under his belt, he has solidified himself as an internationally recognized practitioner of graffiti and typography. Today, his work is predominantly in aerosol and enamel paint, which always includes dynamic lettering, bold colors, layering techniques, and a dedication to cleanliness. He continues to test the boundaries of bold typographic art and although each piece is much different from the next, they are instantly recognizable as his own. From massive neighborhood landmarks in Philadelphia to the fine detail of canvas letter studies, his portfolio is a reflection of his graffiti career and his passion for typography.