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Kelly Kozma

The Earth Is on Fire, But the Green Garden Will Forever Be My Home


spray paint, latex paint, and metallic paint on printed* canvas

38in x 38in in wood floater frame


 *back of La Ultima

Mixing The B Sides" is a series based on the backsides of other works. After completing the piece, "Six More Weeks", I realized there was so much stitching detail on the back, and I was losing it the minute it was framed. In an effort to utilize this imagery, I began having the backsides digitally scanned and printed, which I then draw, paint and embroider back into.

The breakdown is... the back of one piece becomes the base for the next original piece. Then the back of that piece will become the front of the next piece and so on. The end result has a whisper down the lane effect, in that you are able to see remnants of the piece that came before it, while it still maintains the integrity of a completely unique & original work of art.