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David Samuel Stern

Artist/photographer David Samuel Stern's work centers on examining photography as a physical interaction in terms of both process and results, along with the medium's often strange relationship to the portrayal of human subjects. Though a photographer by training, David departs from the medium's typical aesthetic concerns by delving into object-making and craft.

The recipient of an MFA from Washington University, St. Louis, in 2006, David's 2015 solo exhibition "Woven Portraits" was featured in BAM's (Brooklyn Academy of Music) avant-garde Next Wave Festival of that year. His work has appeared in exhibitions at Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami and Marshall Contemporary in Los Angeles, among many others—and has been highlighted in publications such as The California Sunday Magazine.

David has been teaching photography since 2009, holding a visiting post at Pratt Institute in 2013, and independent teaching positions at other institutions, such as Brooklyn Brainery, up to the present. He lives and works in New York.

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