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Albert Chamillard

Albert Chamillard combines collage and mixed media in works on paper that are concerned with the eye, the hand, and an interest in how images are perceived. By utilizing easily available materials such as well worn books, found pieces of paper, and the simplest of drawing tools, Chamillard’s works are immediately familiar. And then, through the manipulation of an invented allegoric imagery a reductive form is translated and transferred mark by mark through the process of drawing to the paper’s surface. The emblematic works, more often than not incongruous to the printed page, link to one another and thus shift in meaning, allowing a narrative unique to each viewer.

Albert Chamillard holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing from The University of Arizona, he operates a drawing and book making studio in Tucson, AZ, where he has lived for eighteen years. His drawings and works on paper have been exhibited nationally. Chamillard has contributed to the Tucson Arts Community for years, as a student he was a founder of the progressive and now defunct CARBON BASE Gallery and Studios. Chamillard is an owner of ATLAS fine art services.